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DBAL Comparisons: Exploring the Differences Between DBAL I2, A3, and D2

Laser aiming modules are best known for the ability to extend weapon barrels. In the heavily saturated market of laser modules, DBAL i2, A3, and D2 have surely earned their fame. But it can be confusing when it comes to picking between the 3 modules.

So, which one should you pick between dbal i2 vs a3 vs d2?

The DBAL i2, A3, and D2 have mounts, the same battery life, and waterproofing. Yet, the DBAL i2 is the cheapest and smallest module. It also has lesser wavelengths and power. However, the IR laser range of i2 is the highest. The DBAL A3 is a bit more expensive than the i2 but provides a bit more power and range. It also has a different mount. Lastly, the DBAL D2 is the most powerful and high-class module here. Yet, it’s the biggest, heaviest, and most expensive one.

You’ll need much more information than this. Read the entire article to make a solid decision!

DBAL i2 Vs A3 Vs D2: A Short Overview

To see the bigger picture of the differences in these 3 laser modules, you’ll need to know what sets them apart. The chart below lists all the key factors that differentiate the laser modules. Take a look at the short comparison chart here:

Differentiating FactorsDBAL i2DBAL A3DBAL D2
DimensionsL 3.5” x W 2.75” x H 1.59”L 3.72” x W 2.75 x H 1.68”L 4.0” x W 1.6” x H 3.4″
Weight (with Battery)227 Grams227 Grams354 Grams
MountQuick Release PicatinnyQuick Release HT MountQuick Release Picatinny
Max RuntimeMore than 3 HoursMore than 3 HoursMore than 3 Hours
Waterproof RangeUp to 5 MetersUp to 5 MetersUp to 5 Meters
Visible Laser (Class)Class 1Class 3AClass 3A
Visible Laser (Color)Red/GreenGreenGreen
Visible Laser (Power)<5 mW<5 mW<5 mW
Visible Laser (Wavelength)525 nm – 850 nm532 nm532 nm
Visible Laser (Range)35 Meters15 Meters (Day)
750 Meters (Night)
15 Meters (Day)
750 Meters (Night)
IR Laser (Class)Class 1Class 1Class 1
IR Laser (Power)<0.7 mW<0.7 mW<0.7 mW
IR Laser (Wavelength)840 nm850 nm850 nm
IR Laser (Range)1400 Meters250 Meters or more250 Meters or more
IR Illuminator (Power)<4 mW<4 mW<600 mW
IR Illuminator (Wavelength)840 nm835 nm850 nm
IR Illuminator (Range)175 Meters175 Meters or more1000 meters or less
PriceCheck Price!Check Price!Check Price!

*Some features discussed in the table may vary based on different models

Now that the key factors are pointed out, the only thing that’s left is details! In the next section, the differentiating factors have been discussed in-depth. 

DBAL i2 Vs A3 Vs D2: an In-depth Comparison

The more information you acknowledge about these laser aiming modules, the stronger your decision will be. I have chosen the 50450 model for DBAL i2 and 9008 for DBAL A3. Also, the 9002 model was selected for DBAL D2 due to similar specs. Read the comparison below to sort out all of your confusion. 


The dimensions refer to the size of the laser modules in terms of height, width, and length. 

The DBAL i2 has a length of 3.5 inches and a width of 2.75 inches. The height is 1.59 inches. This is the smallest laser aiming module among the three modules. 

The DBAL A3 has a length of 3.72 inches and a width of 2.75 inches. Also, the height of the A2 is 1.68 inches. It’s bigger than the i2, but smaller than the D2 in comparison. 

The DBAL D2 is the biggest of them all. Its length is 4 inches, width is 1.6 inches, and height is 3.4 inches. The size factor doesn’t give out direct advantages; it mostly depends on the user. 

Verdict: When it comes to dimensions, DBAL i2 is the smallest, A3 is medium, and D2 is the largest.

Source: steiner-defense.com


The weight of a laser aiming module helps to know the ease of movement and versatility. The lighter the better!

The weight of the DBAL i2 module is only 227 grams. The weight of the battery is included in the total weight. Also, similar to the DBAL i2, the weight of the DBAL A3 is 227 grams, including the battery.

The weight of the DBAL D2 is 354 grams. This is the heaviest module among the 3 modules, which can be counted as a disadvantage. 

Verdict: Between the DBAL i2 vs A3 sand D2, DBAL D2 is the heaviest while i2 and A3 are lighter and have similar weights.

Battery Life:

The battery life of a laser module determines how long it will run without interruption.

The DBAL i2, A3, and D2 run on the CR123A battery, which is included in the package. All of these modules are provided with a 3-hour battery life. 

Swapping out the CR123A lithium batteries will add another 3 hours to the battery life! Always try to pick the right batteries for your night visions and laser aiming modules. 

Failure to pick the right batteries may result in night visions like PVS 14 not turning on.

Verdict: The DBAL i2, A3, and D2 have a battery life of more than 3 hours.


Mounting is the attachment system that allows for quick mounting in a laser module system. 

The DBAL i2 has a quick-release Picatinny mount available. The DBAL D2 also has the same mount available for use. However, the DBAL A3 has a quick-release HT mount, which is different than the i2 and D2. 

By using the mounts, you can attach the modules with night-vision binoculars and monoculars like the PVS series. However, the attaching method is different because of the differences between PVS 7, PVS14, and PVS 31.

Verdict: The DBAL i2, A3, and D2 models have mount options available.

Visible Laser:

The visible laser is an essential part of every laser module. This allows the module to have a visible point of aim.

All three laser modules here have a visible laser. Firstly, for the DBAL i2, the visible laser is class 1. The power is less than 5 mW, and the visible laser range is only 35 meters. This power and range is the lowest among the 3 modules.

Secondly, the DBAL A3 consists of a visible laser with less than 5 mW power. The class of this visible laser is Class 3A, which is quite unsafe, according to the laser classifications.

It has a higher wavelength than the DBAL i2, which is only 532 nm. The range of this visible laser is 15 meters in daylight and 750 meters at nighttime.

Lastly, the DBAL D2 has a visible laser that has a power of less than 5 mW. It has a range of 15 meters in daylight and 750 meters at night. The wavelength of this visible laser is 532 nm, and the class is 3A, the same as DBAL A3.

Verdict: Between the DBAL i2 vs A3 vs D2, the A3, and D2 have the highest power and range.

IR Laser:

When working in a non-visible spectrum, the IR laser of a module helps to see in that spectrum.

The DBAL i2 has an IR laser available, which has a wavelength of 840 nm. It has a staggering 1400-meter range. Furthermore, the class of this laser is class 1, and the power is less than 0.7 mW.

The IR laser of the DBAL A3 is class 1 and has a power of less than 0.7 mW. It has a range of 250 meters and a wavelength of 850 nm. 

Similarly, the DBAL D2 has the same power and range as DBAL i2. Moreover, the wavelength and class are also the same. If the range seems less, you can opt-in for the top-of-the-line night vision scopes to help you.

dbal a3
Source: ebay.com

Verdict: Between Dbal i2 Vs A3 Vs D2, the DBAL i2 IR laser has the largest range. 

IR Illuminator:

The IR illuminator of a laser module is essential to emit light in the infrared spectrum.

All three modules have IR illuminators in them. The DBAL i2 and A3 IR illuminators have a range of 175 meters. Yet, DBAL D2’s IR illuminator has a range of 1000 Meters. The wavelengths of the i2, A3, and D2 are 840, 835, and 850 nm respectively.

In terms of power, the IR illuminators of the DBAL i2 and A3 are less than 4 mW. But the DBAL D2 has a staggering power of close to 600 mW.

Verdict: Between Dbal i2 Vs A3 Vs D2, the DBAL D2’s IR illuminator wavelength and power is the highest.


The price of a laser aiming module can make or break your decision to buy it.

The price of the DBAL i2 is 899$, which is the cheapest among the 3 modules. Then comes the DBAL A3 at a price of 1649$. Lastly, the most expensive module is the DBAL D2, which costs 1799$.

Verdict: Between Dbal i2 Vs A3 Vs D2, the most expensive laser module is the DBAL D2, while the i2 is the cheapest one. 

DBAL i2 Vs A3 Vs D2: Final Verdict

The in-depth discussion and key factors have been pointed out at this point. Still, here’s a summed-up version to help you make the final decision.

If you’re trying to buy a cheap laser module device with a moderate range, pick the DBAL i2. The classes of this module are also low, so it’s safe and legal for civilian use. However, the power output and the wavelengths are not that high in comparison.

If you can increase your budget by a few hundred dollars, you can buy the DBAL A3. It has moderate ranges, wavelengths, and power. All of the modules come with the same waterproofing, battery life, and mounts.

Finally, the DBAL D2 is the most expensive laser module here. It has the most power, range, and wavelength. Yet, it is really heavy, and it might not be available for civilian use due to the higher class. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the difference between DBAL A4 and DBAL D2?

The difference between DBAL A4 and DBAL D2 is regarding the IR illuminator and bezel. The DBAL A4 has 2 IR illuminators, while the DBAL D2 only has one. On the other hand, the bezel on the DBAL D2 is adjustable, while the A4’s bezel is fixed.

What class laser is a PEQ 15?

The PEQ 15 laser is a 3B class laser. Only the members of the military or LE agency can buy the PEQ 15. It’s not legal for civilians to buy this laser module, as it reaches the safety class threshold (3R).

What is the highest-class laser?

Class 4 is the highest class of laser. Class 4 is also the most dangerous class of laser, as it can burn the skin. Moreover, it can cause permanent damage when exposed to the naked eye.

Wrapping up

You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, now the comparison between dbal i2 vs a3 vs d2 is crystal clear to you!

Always make sure you’re buying the legal and the intended class when thinking of laser modules.

Best of luck! Have a great day.

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