Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

8 Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope in 2023 – Review

Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scopes are the most affordable night vision riflescope. They work well with most gun calibers and are not too heavy. These scopes are durable and can be dropped from a considerable height, and are still functional. 

And did you know? This is a great first-night vision rifle scope for those who want to experiment with night vision. The Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope works well with most gun calibers and is not too heavy. These scopes are durable and can be dropped from a considerable height, and are still functional. But there is a problem: there are lots of Gen 1 scope available in the market. Not all of them provide clear optics and functional options. 

That’s why we choose the best Gen 1-night vision rifle scope for you to make your money valuable.

Top 8 Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope Reviews

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope 

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope 

ATN’s Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope is the newest thermal scope technology. It has a 4x magnification and can detect objects up to 1000 yards away. The Thor 4 has a 640×480 resolution and can detect heat signatures up to 1,200°F. It has a built-in laser rangefinder and a digital compass. 

Besides, it is a thermal rifle scope that allows you to see in the dark and shoot accurately in all weather conditions. It features a built-in rangefinder and a ballistic calculator to help you hit your target every time. The Thor 4 also has a built-in Wi-Fi system to connect to your smartphone or computer for easy viewing and sharing.

Even in difficult conditions, the scope provides clear, crisp images. In addition to the scope’s 4-32x56mm magnification range and one-inch tube have a thermal core resolution of 640×480, a 50Hz frame rate, and a 12μm pixel size.

Both the image quality and features of this camera are excellent. The only downside is that it is a bit bulky, but that is expected from a thermal scope. Overall, I would highly recommend this optic.

  • Eye relief
  • Best for hunting
  • Weatherproof
  • Low profile
  • The company does not warrant the products

Sightmark Wraith Night Vision Riflescope

Best Digital Scope: Sightmark Wraith Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope is ideal for anyone looking for a quality night vision riflescope. This scope provides clear and bright images even in low-light conditions. It also features a built-in infrared illuminator that helps to further improve image quality.

Besides, The scope also features a range of up to 300 yards and can detect objects as small as 0.5 yards. It is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use scope that lets you see in the dark without the need for night-vision goggles.

This rifle scope is the perfect power in a time when night vision technology is abundant. The scope features a custom-designed 22mm tube, a WVGA color camera, and a built-in digital video recorder.

The Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope has an 8x magnification and a 50mm objective lens. It also has a built-in infrared illuminator that emits invisible infrared light to improve image clarity in low-light conditions. You can use it day or night!

Furthermore, it is water-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions. The Wraith features a 640×480 resolution, making it one of the market’s clearest digital night vision scopes. Additionally, the Wraith features a built-in video recorder, allowing users to capture video footage of their target, even in the darkest conditions.

  • High-Definition Sensor
  • 2X Optical System
  • Hd Photo Or Video
  • 8x digital zoom
  • 10 Different reticle options
  • Not good for long time use

HIRAM 4-16×50 AO Rifle Scope 

HIRAM 4-16x50 AO Rifle Scope 

The “4-16×50” rangefinder rifle scope is an AO rifle scope for long-range targets. This is an objective lens that provides the ability to spot objects at longer distances and the ability to rapidly adjust the reticle to align itself with these distant fixed objects. The 4x magnification ensures maximum resolution even in extreme conditions where it’s difficult to see details, such as fog or low light.

It delivers a clear view of the distant targets while maintaining excellent focus at close range. This riflescope offers a max magnification of 4X, which is sufficient for military and hunting purposes and allows to use of the rifle under all conditions. The glass lens delivers what it promises: precise vision through the telescopic sight.

A scope can be used as a rangefinder with reticle crosshairs as the aiming point. With red and green modes, it can use for hunting or photography. The 5 light settings let you choose the best light conditions for your needs. Therefore you can switch the lights that you need to own.

  • Weaver scope
  • 100% Waterproof
  • top-mounted dot sight
  • 5 light settings modes
  • Perfect for medium-range target
  • Sometimes lasers don’t work

ATN X-Sight-4K Pro Edition Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

ATN X-Sight-4K Pro Edition Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

The X-Sight 4K has a 40mm objective lens and uses relatively large, high-quality lenses specially designed for close-range shooting. This makes it easy to use and more accurate than a typical optic at a long range.

Besides, it offers what you need in a 3-14x zoom scope. It looks just like the more traditional ones – except it has new features relevant to hunting. The premium features include smart day/night hunting, intelligent game recognition, advanced target recognition, and anti-glare coating.

It also features an innovative design and features the most advanced technology available in its class. This compact rifle scope uses light to detect objects like tripods and monitors distance while providing dark aperture capabilities.

X-Sight 4k also offers a 6-year warranty and free life insurance coverage on all parts. The riflescopes offer an impressive range of magnification levels, which can be adjusted using one hand in both cases with just 3 clicks on the adjustments knob on top of the trigger lock button on the bottom side of the scope body, respectively. 

  • Include with Power Weapon Kit
  • Quick Detach Mount
  • Ballistics calculator via Bluetooth
  • 18+ hour battery
  • This scope has software issues

Pinty 2.5-10×40 Red Green Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope 

Pinty 2.5-10x40 Red Green Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope 

This new AR15 Rifle Scope aims at improving the time to kill and increasing your buffing potential by using a red-green illuminator. This feature will help you spot more targets in a single shot and helps save your life against enemies within close range. It also makes it a more user-friendly rifle scope for creating engaging and lively target shooting conditions.

For military snipers, this adjustable objective lens provides a high-tech option. The one-piece lens is attached to the rifle body, and it has large fields of view (FoV). This lens is manufactured with a Mil-Dot reticle with red, green illumination that helps better visualize small targets.

This lens is made from high-quality aluminum oxide glass and high-grade military-grade anti-corrosion-coated aluminum for durable and high-reliability performance. With the two lasers included in this set, you can adjust them to suit your shooting style – Rapid Action mode (R) and Extended position (E).

The red illuminator emits light of approximately 650 cd/m2, while the green illuminator emits approximately 250 cd/m2. The red and green illuminators are designed for tactical applications, so they can be used in various situations, such as in the dark or at night, indoors or outdoors.

  • Solid aluminum alloy constructive
  • Multi-coated objective lens
  • Fogproof
  • 10x magnification
  • High rated scope
  • Annoying fish-eye effect

UUQ 4-16×50 AO Rifle Scope

UUQ 4-16x50 AO Rifle Scope

UUQ 4-16×50 AO Rifle Scope is the first hunting flashlight with a self-reflection lens, which directs light in any direction and back to the origin of the light. It provides the ability to track games from up to 160 meters. This zoom lens can use with standard AA batteries (not included).

With parallax, the user can adjust the objective point of view to any position within 15 yards, from an incredible distance up to infinity. Parallax adjustment is the only way to adjust your optic as close as possible in size to your eye. This will increase the focus distance from 30-150 yards and provide you with a more precise aiming point. 

The laser sight is detachable and can be assembled in 3 different configurations: red, green, or blue. It works with the standard OTA mount and fits into any of its mounts to provide maximum flexibility in mounting a sight system. Icons will appear on the screen when powered on by pressing a button that turns on green lights in all four quadrants of the laser unit for easy alignment.

With this technology, the user no longer needs a telescope or binoculars to see targets because it has its laser. This advancement will lead to the future of effective shooting performance and usage in the military, law enforcement, and security forces.

  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • 100% fog & waterproof
  • 5 Brightness Modes Flashlight
  • 4X up to 16X zoom range
  • Ultra-clear vision
  • The laser would not hold zero

MidTen 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope

MidTen 4-16x50 Tactical Rifle Scope

The scope reticles we have seen above can be used in hunting, shooting sports, and other activities requiring precision. For example, I went hunting with my father. On certain deer hunt spots, there is almost no place for me to shoot at it because of the lethal and fast-moving nature of the animals, but I’d still like to zoom in a little closer and see the details of their build or which parts of their body I can hit with a bullet.

J&T Optics designs the MidTen 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope with the help of the US Government and military experts to help users overcome problems with tactical shooting. The scope has been designed to be more effective than traditional single-color reticles, allowing the user to choose between five brightness levels for each reticle, allowing the user to choose where and when he shoots.

It has as many as eight brightness levels that are adjustable independently in steps of 1/10th of full brightness increment. The brightness can be set from neutral white (0 lux) to full black (night vision mode). In contrast, ultra-low light modes eliminate any light emitted by the sun or other illumination sources and provide unrivaled darkness on forwarding sites.

This scope offers a quick, simple, and hassle-free mounting to any rifle. Also, it is a highly illuminated reticle with bright white light for daytime hunting and tactical brightness for nighttime shooting. That’s why it would be perfect for your hunting experience.

  • 5 brightness level
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Detachable GREEN laser
  • Hassle-free mounting
  • Highest accuracy
  • No cons found

Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9×32 Rangefinder

Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9x32 Rangefinder

This Pinty Rifle Scope is the ultimate in versatility. It has a 3-9x magnification and a rangefinder that allows you to accurately target your prey. This rifle scope also comes with a red/green dot sight to follow your target even at night.

This rifle Scope provides great accuracy and precision with such a rangefinder on hand. You will not have any problem picking up the correct shot in low light conditions while using the red/green dot sight because it allows you to choose the perfect spot on your targets, even in dark situations. 

Besides, it uses the same technology as holographic optics. Still, instead of appearing to be two objects, two dots appear next to each other for more accurate aiming, as well as rifle scopes, airsoft guns, paintball guns, handguns, and so on can also be used with a rifle scope. Due to its electronic power source will not require batteries too often and can be used for a long time without needing replacements.

  • 100% water and fog proof
  • Green laser sight
  • Magnifications from 3X up to 9X
  • Highly accurate optic
  • Eye relief
  • Design is not good

How to Find the Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope – Buying Guide

How do you choose between the various scopes out there? There are so many options that it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. We will help you figure out what features and specs matter most when choosing a scope and how to find the best gen-1 night vision rifle scope.

  • If you are looking for the best Gen 1-night vision rifle scope, you should consider the important features. Some of the features to consider includes the magnification, the objective lens size, and the type of night vision.
  • You should also consider the price and the quality of the night vision rifle scope. There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best night vision riflescope will vary depending on your needs and preferences. However, when choosing a night vision riflescope, some factors include the type of rifle you are using, the level of magnification you need, and the amount of light available. You need to consider many different factors when you are looking for the best quality Gen 1-night vision rifle scope. The first thing you need to consider is the type of rifle scope you need. There are many different types of rifle scopes available on the market, and each type of rifle scope has its own set of features.
  • Once you have determined the type of rifle scope you need, you need to consider the important features. Some of the features that you may want to consider include the magnification power, the objective lens size, and the length of the scope.
  • You also need to consider the price of the scope. There are many different Gen 1-night vision rifle scopes available, and the prices vary significantly. You need to find a scope that meets your needs and fits within your budget.
  • Finally, you need to consider the company’s reputation that manufactures the scope. You want to buy a scope from a company that has a good reputation and that you can trust. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a night vision rifle scope. The following are some tips on finding the best gen 1-night vision rifle scope for your needs.
  • Consider the type of rifle you will use, the night vision scope. There are different types of night vision scopes available for different rifles.
  • Determine the level of darkness you will be shooting in. There are different night vision scopes available, from basic to high-end.
  • Think about your budget. Night vision scopes can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • Make sure the night vision scope is compatible with your rifle. There are different mounting systems available for different types of rifles.
  • Once you have determined the factors above, you can begin to research different night vision scopes to find the best one for your needs.


The first-gen night vision riflescopes were probably the first generation of the technology we now know as night vision. They did a pretty good job providing a reasonable amount of light amplification, but they weren’t very effective at night.

However, the second and third generations of NVR technology have allowed us to develop much more effective optics. These newer goggles are capable of much greater levels of light amplification, allowing them to operate in extremely low light conditions.

They also tend to perform better than the previous models since many of the problems with early designs have been corrected.

The main downside is that these types of devices are quite expensive. They aren’t cheap, and their price increases each year dramatically. This makes them a relatively poor choice for someone just starting out.

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