ring stick up cam night vision not working

Troubleshooting Your Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision: A Guide to Resolving Common Night Vision Issues

Night vision of Ring stick up cam is a major function of this device. Home owners are very concerned about it for security. For any reason if it doesn’t work they need to troubleshoot it asap. 

Do you want to know why Ring stick up cam night vision is not working and the fixes? 

The major reasons behind ring stick up cam night vision not working are incorrect night vision settings, external lights, faulty camera and camera sensor, poor wifi connection, low battery etc. You’ll need to check them all to fix it and lastly you can reset it.

But that’s not it. If you wanna fix this issue, stay with us as we explain how to troubleshoot in detail!

7  Easy  Ways  to  Fix  Ring  Stick  up  Camera  Night  Vision

There are many causes for having your stick up camera night vision not working. It can be the camera issues, router issues and many more. You can perform a night vision troubleshoot to fix the problem. 

Have a look into the table below!

Problems Solutions 
External light interference The camera location should be dark. 
Dirty camera lens Clean the camera frequently. 
Faulty sensorFix or replace it. 
Poor wifi connection Set the ring stick up cam near to the wifi area.
Incorrect night vision settingSet the night vision auto mode on from the Ring app.
Low BatteryRecharge the Battery for 5-10 hours. 

Now let’s start a detailed conversation regarding these problems and solutions. 

Incorrect Night Vision Setting: 

Incorrect Night Vision Setting 
Source: zendesk

Your ring stick up cam may not work for the incorrect infrared setting. This is one of the main problems. You will need to check this and fix it by going through the settings. So let’s know the procedure.

Step 1: First you will go to the ring app on your phone or tablet. 

Step 2: Then you can see three lines at the corner of your screen, tap it.

Step 3: Now you have to go to video settings and you will find night vision settings.

Step 4: Now lastly set the night vision auto mode on. 

That’s how you can fix it if you are getting the ring stick up cam dark at night. You can also try an unfilmed night vision device between filmed and unfilmed for clearer and brighter images. 

External Light Interference: 

Your ring stick up cam night vision will not work if there is any external light interrupt. The area where you set your camera may not be the right one. If external lights interfere then it may not work out as required. So, you should set the camera where there is least light interference. This problem also occurs with infant baby optics.

External Light Interference 
Source: support.ring

So, the area should be dark and out of any kind of light like road lamps or car headlights. This is an important thing you should notice while setting your camera. 

Faulty Camera and Camera Sensor:

Ring night vision observes the infrared and UV lights. During the day, the ring camera covers the infrared light with an infrared cut filter. But at night time, the infrared cut filter moves on and all the infrared lights go to the camera’s sensor. 

So, if the ring stick up cam sensor gets defective then the night vision will not work out. You should check if the sensor is okay or not. If not, try replacing the sensor.

Dirty Camera Lens: 

Dirty camera lenses can cause blurry images or videos. You need to check your camera lens. If it is dirty then you will have to clean it with soft cloth. Because this may prevent your night vision of the Ring stickup cam from working properly. 

Poor Wifi Connection: 

Set your camera where it will get a good wifi connection. Because weak wifi connection can be a problem of not working the ring stick up cam night vision.

So, if you are having wifi problems then you should change your ring stick up cam area and set it near the wifi station. 

Low Battery Issue: 

If your Ring stick up cam battery gets low, the infrared light may not be as effective as required. 

First you need to go to the night vision setting from your device’s setting menu. Then check if the LED indicators around the camera are illuminated or well- lighted. 

If the LED lights are not properly lit then the battery is to be checked. You may have to charge it or replace a new battery if required. Another way is to check if the power adapter is safely connected. If it is not then connect your power adapter. 

The battery of the Ring stick up cam usually lasts for 6-12 months long.

Low Battery Issue
Source: lowes

So, check the batteries often and recharge them. You need to charge them for 5-10 hours. Thus you may solve the problem of Ring stick up cam night vision.

These are some major and common issues of ring stick up cam night vision problems. You will need to check every part of your ring stick up cam and can fix it by yourself. 

Didn’t Work? Try Factory Resetting 

If your Ring stick up cam night vision is still not working, then you just simply reset it. It may correct your ring stick up cam easily. 

But factory reset is quite similar for every model. You may check this out for different models if you want.

(Note: Factory reset will remove your all saved settings, after resetting it you will have to set up the camera again.)

So, let’s just check the following steps to reset it easily.

Step 1: First, unwrap the battery cover. 

Step 2: Search for the orange button near the battery place. 

Step 3: Click and hold the button for 10 seconds. 

Step 4: The camera’s front-facing light will repeatedly flash. This will happen on the 1st and 2nd generation of Ring stick up cam batteries. For the 3rd generation it will simply complete the reset after pressing the button for 10 seconds.  

So, that’s the entire factory reset procedure. And this is a successfully effective solution for Ring stick up cam night vision issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can someone hack the ring camera? 

Yes, your ring camera can be hacked easily. Make sure your wifi password and the one for your Ring account are both secure. The hacker is able to reach the ring account when you reuse your password from other platforms. This statement was declared by Ring. 

How can I know if my camera is recording or not?

You have to login to your security camera software to know if it is working or not. You will see the live running. For this you need to turn on the monitor. Thus you can check your ring camera’s video working. 

What is a Ring camera motion warning? 

Motion warning is a ring device feature. It alerts visitors that the camera is recording them. This feature works for some specific ring devices. Such as stick up cam elite, stick up cam plug in, indoor cam, spotlight cam wired and many more. When it is activated, a message plays : “Hi, you are currently being recorded.”

Can weather conditions affect Ring Stick Up Cam night vision?

Yes, weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, or extreme temperatures can affect the night vision capabilities of the Ring Stick Up Cam. In particular, heavy rain or snowfall can cause the IR lights to reflect off the precipitation, creating glare and reducing visibility. In these cases, it may be necessary to install additional lighting or use an external IR illuminator to improve the camera’s night vision capabilities. 

Can Ring Stick Up Cam night vision be turned off?

No, you cannot turn off the night vision on the Ring Stick Up Cam. The camera will automatically switch to night vision mode when the ambient light levels drop below a certain level.

Can I use my Ring Stick Up Cam indoors at night?

Yes, you can use your Ring Stick Up Cam indoors at night. However, keep in mind that the camera’s night vision range will be reduced in complete darkness. If you need to monitor a large area in complete darkness, you may need to use additional lighting or consider a different type of camera.

Can I improve the night vision on my Ring Stick Up Cam with additional lighting?

Yes, you can improve the night vision on your Ring Stick Up Cam with additional lighting. You can use a simple porch light or floodlight to provide additional illumination, which will help the camera capture clearer images in low-light conditions. You can also consider using infrared lighting or a separate infrared illuminator, which will be invisible to the human eye but will provide additional light for the camera.


Thank you for being patient till the end of the conversation. I tried to resolve the issue of ring stick up cam night vision not working. I hope you will be able to fix this problem with the effective process above. 

So, that’s all for today. Good luck!

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