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Night Vision Scope Vs Green Light – 6 Points Comparison

Night vision Scope vs Green Light -You may wonder what is better, the green light or night vision scope. Both are helpful tools to carry around with you to see things in the dark, but each has its features and different factors. If you plan to use a night vision scope, you should remember that night vision scopes will cost you a bit more than green lights. If you have a budget, you can easily choose between the two.

Choosing between the green light and the night vision scope can be tricky, and both have advantages. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons that you should consider before buying the night vision scope or the green light.

Night Vision Scope Vs Green Light – Comparison

Night vision devices are available for all sorts of activities. Some of them are used for hunting purposes. They are also used in law enforcement and military operations. These tools are helpful for people who want to search for objects at night. However, they are susceptible to light. They can easily capture images even in very bright conditions. This is not true for green lights. They are much more sensitive than night vision devices. They are used for many things. 

night vision scope

Here is a detailed guide between green light and night vision.

Thermal Imagining

Night vision devices use thermal imaging to pick up images. On the other hand, green light uses an invisible light spectrum range, mainly from the near-infrared spectrum. It is called near-infrared because of the wavelength range of visible light. At the same time, the green light can pick up images in dark conditions. Moreover, it works in a wide range of temperatures, unlike night vision devices, which work best in low temperatures. It can also see in total darkness.


Green light is used for night vision, not just to enhance the existing capabilities. You can use it to make night vision devices more sensitive. You can do this by combining them. In this method, you combine two tools to make one that is better than either of the tools alone. The best night vision devices, such as the B&W and Bushnell scopes, usually include a headlight to provide a source of infrared radiation to make their night vision more effective. 


Green lights, like incandescent bulbs, are incredibly inefficient at converting electrical energy into light energy. For every watt of electricity that goes through the bulb, only around 2% of it gets converted into visible light. As you might have already guessed, the rest is wasted as heat, which is why they get extremely hot!

On the other hand, a night vision scope has an internal light source that converts electricity into light. So it is 100% efficient at converting electrical energy into visible light and heats very little compared to green lights. If you’re wondering how we know this, we did a side-by-side test.


Regarding durability, both lights are relatively equal, but night vision scopes are much easier to maintain. A green light requires a lot of maintenance. It would help if you changed its bulb every few months, which means the bulb has to be kept at a constant temperature to ensure it doesn’t burn out too quickly.

Portability and Mount

The night vision scope is the way to go if you need something highly portable. They can be mounted on your head or your body or attached to a vehicle. Even though you can mount the night vision scope to a car, we recommend you mount it on your head because it gives you the best range of view.

They also use a smaller form factor, meaning they can be used discreetly and won’t take up too much room. Since they are small, you can pack them inside a backpack and use them for outdoor activities. Besides looking good, night vision scopes have a rugged design and come in various colors.

Price Comparison

Night vision scopes are not as cheap as green lights, but they are still a great alternative to incandescent lamps. We think anyone looking for an uncomplicated night light should consider buying a night vision scope instead.

Can you use green light for a night vision scope?

Greenlight is a popular feature for many night vision devices. Many users like to use it because the ambient light is so low. The light on green helps the user better detect objects in their night vision image. However, some devices have a problem seeing things on the green. 

Green Light

What is a green light, and why is it so hard to use?

Greenlight is the brightest illumination source. However, most devices cannot detect objects on the green. Instead, they detect objects by darkening their background, i.e., the thing will appear black. In this case, they can see the object better because it seems darker.

When the background is dark, the device cannot detect the object because there is no difference between the background and the object. Since the background is unclear, the light coming from the device can be directly seen. 

However, when the background is bright, the light coming from the device is directly seen. In this case, it is tough to distinguish the object from the ground, making it impossible to detect it.

Therefore, to make objects visible, devices will decrease the brightness of their light to allow the thing to be seen better. In this way, the device can still detect objects but can see them much better. 

Conclusion (Night Vision Scope Vs Green Light)

So, to conclude the article about night vision scope vs green light, the Night Vision Scope gives you a wider field of view so you can see further away. It has a higher resolution. With the Green Light, it is much cheaper to get the scope. In my opinion, the Night Vision Scope is better than the Green Light.

This is what we share with you: a detailed comparison between green and night vision scopes!

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