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Why Isn’t My Infant Optics Night Vision Working? Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

When a customer buys infant optics baby monitors they sometimes face a few errors. And the most common problem is when the night vision isn’t working.

So, why is infant optics night vision not working and how to fix them?

Battery issues, a bad charger, poor power supply and incorrect monitor settings are the reasons why infant optics night vision is not working. To prevent it you can replace the light bulb, check the battery, ignore third party gadgets, check power supply, etc.

But that’s not it. We have explained these in detail for you. So stick with us!

Why is Infant Optics Night Vision Not Working?

When infant optics night vision fails and you are unable to see your baby’s crib in a dimly lit room, you can become alarmed. Well, night vision gets damaged. The following are a few of the issues that causes infant optics night vision problem.

Battery Issues:

When you are seeing that the battery is not working properly it means you cannot transfer your Baby Optics monitor from the power source. But the main problem is you have to move on with the monitor where your child is moving.


  • Turn your monitor to look back
  • Separate the cover by sliding the panel downwards
  • Check the battery compartment where there’s a plug in it.
  • Disconnect the plug and battery from one another and replace it.
Battery Issues
Source: Infant Optics DXR-8

Poor Power Supply:

You have to ensure to connect the monitor to the power outlet. When you will hold the power button for 2 seconds it should power up normally.


  • Verify if the battery is inside the port or not. It should be linked with three yellow, red and black wires.
  • Make sure the battery is completely charged
  • Should connect the included cable with the monitor unit to a power outlet for charging
  • Another option is to try to use the spare charging cord that has come with your device
  • If still it does not work then you have to replace the battery

LED Light Vision Low:

An infant Optics baby monitor’s night vision capability enables parents to watch over their infant even in dark areas. Night vision works via LED light. 

When there is a low level of light then night vision should activate. The problem also might not be with the night vision. Instead, the LED light emitions could not be powerful enough to illuminate the screen. We can get an idea from filmed and unfilmed night vision


  • Ensure that the area where your monitor is located has a somewhat constant level of light.
  • Try turning on the room’s lights to force the night vision mode. This is to deactivate if your device appears to be trapped in that mode.
  • Use IR bulb that brightens the space. And, improves night vision.
  • To turn off night vision, try turning on the overhead light in the space. Turn off the light after waiting for around five minutes to check if night vision works.

Third-Party Gadgets:

Your baby monitor’s night vision feature might not be functioning properly if you’re using other non-Infant Optics gadgets with it. 


  • Do not use any third-party gadgets in your Infant Optics baby monitor.
  • Try to replace them with the real brand or related to your optic monitoring device. 

How Do You Reset An Infant Optics Baby Monitor?

Baby Optics baby monitors come in a variety of models. Resetting your device is the first thing you need to try when you are facing any kind of error with infant optics.

 You should go through this process to reset Infant optics baby monitor.

  • You have to disconnect the camera from the power supply. 
  • Disconnect the battery from the monitor.
  • Turn off the power sources and wait for 5 minutes
  • Reconnect both devices after that. This would reset the infant optics baby monitor. This can solve the night vision problem.

How Should You Maintain Infant Optics Baby Monitors?

Your Infant Optics Baby monitor’s longevity is significantly influenced by how well it is maintained.


  • You cannot allow your device to be in contact with liquids
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe down the equipment to keep it clean.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the camera’s lens by rubbing it in a circular motion.
  • Avoid charging the monitor device excessively.
  • Recharge your battery patiently for 7 hours and use after getting fully charged.

Can Night Vision Infant Optics Burn Out?

There’s a significant probability that the device is just burning out if you consistently use your night vision. Often, this occurs when the camera’s sensor stops being able to detect light.

The night vision can eventually fade, but you shouldn’t worry about it. That’s because the normal lifespan is enough for a user. You can always have better maintenance of the monitor and camera to have a longer lifespan.

What Light is the Best for Room for Night Vision Infant Optics?

Infrared (IR) light is the best option to put in the room. Maximum parents put their children to sleep in a separate room and turn the light off for their children’s good sleep. Night visions can see IR lasers too.

But the problem is, infant optics cannot take a video of the children from the darkness. But IR light’s main function is that infant optics can detect IR light. 

So, parents could put IR lights in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Pair An Infant Optics Baby Monitor?

The camera and monitor should pair automatically right out of the box. But if you need to manually pair them again for any reason, follow a few steps. From the start go to choose Menu. Decide on camera control and choose cameras 1-4.  Then after adding the camera click “OK.” Now hold down the coupling button on your camera while pressing it.

Why Is My Baby Monitor Going Black?

Your baby monitor can go black if there’s power supply issue, external signal interference, etc. Sometimes the camera can also get faulty and the night vision can also cause this problem.

What is the Range of an Infant Optics?

The average indoor range of the baby optics is up to 4 walls and 65 feet. In our open field test, Baby Optics operated up to 600 feet before breaking up at about 650 feet. At 750 feet, all signal was lost. 


In a dark room, not being able to see your baby’s crib is the worst terrifying moment. Fortunately, with these simple troubleshooting techniques, I am sure it will be helpful for you. Hopefully now you have solved infant baby optics night vision not working.

Have a great day!

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